Thursday, June 30, 2005

< i am a shameless addict

Yes it is true...I am addicted...I did not bring yarn to work with me today because I had ordered some recycled sari silk that I was convinced would arrive today...Off to work I troddled with 2 knitting needles in my purse[much to my husband's glee as I usually have a bulky knitting bag in tow..]
Sadly when I checked the mail...nothing..Like a good husband he asked if we should return home to get my bag, but as a dutifull wife I said "no I would be fine".
Yeah OK..till about 11:00 am then the jonesing started..slowing it built.. consuming my every I started to rip apart a hat I had made that had not sold..what was I to do I could not spend a whole day in the store with out making something.
Then the young and sweet manager of our Chamber of Commerce came in to see if we could donate some food..[my husband and sister own a restaurant]that my store is attached to. Like any self respecting junkie, I saw an opening...she had mentioned in her conversation that she was going to the Visitor Info Centre, which is situated a mere block from my friend's yarn shop..The wheels were clicking in high speed..She wanted free food..I wanted[NO NEEDED] yarn..So I most unembarassingly asked her to pick me up some since ahe was going down there anyway..
She was stressed, "what should I pick she said"
"Anything I said"
"But what if you do not like it" she asked with hesitation in her voice.
I panicked, I was losing her..she needed direction quick..
"Anything...Anything" I said "Just no fizzy stuff, I hate Fizzy stuff"
I quickly shoved a twenty in her hand and with no guilt of putting this sweet youg lady out of her way..
Little did she know she could have returned with spun dog hair, I would have been happy.
Now I understand addiction, I smoke...I know..I lectures please..
But can you really experience physical pain and actually hibbie-jibbies because of a lack of yarn..Who knew?
I never really got into smoking pot as a youngster due to amazing paranioa, could this be a form of lantent addictive behavior due to the lack of pot smoking in my formative years.
I am addicted, shameless and ready to use the need for a free munchie platter to exploit people in the middle of the day to go buy me yarn..
I am ashamed..but she picked, good a nice simple HomeSpun from Lionbrand..varigated with a touch of purple..I happily cast on and started a project..and experinced no more pain..

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

< KnittingKitty

Knitting bag...I am going to make a matching needle case today...they are not perfect but I think cute enough..I always say if you want perfect go to Hallmark..if you want character buy homemade..but I am improving with each bag.. Posted by Hello

I am on a sewing binge, I hate to this is unexplained but i am sewing knitting bags and needle cases. I am suffering a knitting block and waiting for some yarn I ordered.
here are the cases...comments or suggestions welcome...

Sunday, June 26, 2005

ok..ok..I have to admit it, I can be a bit challenged at times..I am having a hell of a time adding new links with logo..I read the instructions but apparently they are not absorbing into brain matter.....

Saturday, June 25, 2005


Friday, June 24, 2005

check it out...moving my store to online knitting today just

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

< Blanket ..quilty...thingy

this the material I bought to go with the squares I am knitting to make a knitty/quilty baby blanket..If and that is always a BIG turns out I think it should be cute...

I think the colors go well... Posted by Hello

start of blanket Posted by Hello

< boudoir slippers

How cute are these...made from a pattern from Erika Knight "
Simple Knits with a my case simple being the operative word...reading patterns is not one of my strong suits..So I must highly reccomend these books because if I can follow the pattern so can your average cocker spaniel.
In the book they are made with silk ribbon, but I used Crystal Palace " Party"..The are not flawless but I realized where I made my mistake so I can correct it.
I must admit I did aquire the yarn yesterday...even though I have to much already and about 10 unfinished projects, but it spoke to me...I think in Yiddish, but oddly enough I was able to understand ( I do not speak Yiddish only a splash from Woody Allen Movies) and the yarn was saying very clearly" it's ok buy me , use your VISA was very vexing..what is a girl to do..I will finish the other tonight..
I was able to finish this today at my store so loosely translated that means I had a crappy day and will not be able to pay the Visa bill...but It is so shiny and they are so cute...who are not my feet..but an unsuspecting teenager..
I gave up pink socks in my 30"s..

other side... Posted by Hello

side view Posted by Hello

Boudior Slippers.. Posted by Hello

Monday, June 20, 2005

< people are strange...

Today I was lucky enough to be home as stated I decided to sew some bags...then like nails on a neighbor
is out there cutting down a do not get me wrong...I am no tree hugger type..but this is the most beautiful willow tree..every year she hacks it down to have a better view of the this tree is amazing and stood there for years..till the crazy lady moved in..I hate gas powered tree trimmers and weed wackers..vrooooom...vroooommm..they drive me nuts..
so I put on Chemical Bros. full blast on my deck (yes I am close to 50) but i am still a rebellious teenager at heart. I live in Canada's only rainforest...if you do not like trees why live here. It is not like she cuts the whole tree down..she leaves this strange Tim Burton-y
ghoul tree there instead...if she knit, she would not notice the tree so much and leave it alone...that is the cranky old lady in me...

side two Posted by Hello

knitting bag Posted by Hello

I decided to make some knitting bags with some needle cases on side..I found some cheap napkins..I thought they would work. I have limited sewing skills, so everything is nice and square..I think it is cute...I was going to sell them at my friends store for twenty bucks...Any comments are welcome.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

< Wine bottle cozy


today I crocheted to some success...This is from "simple crochet" I still have a bit to finish but it was good practice with my less than perfect crochet skills...It was perfect for today because my store was steady "damn those vile shoppers" interrupting my knitting with wanting to give me money to pay the bills...There should be some Dept. Of Fibre that just pays you to knit...If I was only the ruler of the planet...boy would things be it is bedtime....

what I did today Posted by Hello

Friday, June 17, 2005

My sister if you saw my picture will see that the gene pool is like a swimming pool...instead of a shallow end and a deep end...there is a fat end and a skinny end...the little sperm that made me was swimming in the fat end of the pool and the little sperm that made my sister was swimming in the skinny end of the just ain't fair....but she can't knit... Posted by Hello

these are the slippers, I am working on...I have to start the second one again..if you love the green nail is Hard Candy GANK...the hairy little hobbit can only aquire when your menopausal and close to is a life in places women should not have any...toes..chin...such a joy... Posted by Hello

this bizarre looking little creature is Lola, my chi mix...that I spent a year of my life rescuing from a puppymill....that is the bamboo needle my half finished slipper was on...i answered the phone came back and she ate the damn end off....that's gratitude... Posted by Hello

the slipper..she made this one with double crafters cotton, it does not have the sheen of "Grace" but she is making them too...they were lovely and more refined and shiny looking. Posted by Hello

it is so cute and curly Posted by Hello

paton pooch Posted by Hello

I am part of a ring...I am giddy with joy..I am now connected with a whole bunch of other crazy people with a addiction...yarn...
I am celebrating with a glass of red wine and a bag of M&Ms...Jedi colors...I bought them so, when I stuff the entire bag in my face I can blame it on "THE FORCE".
the red wine...ok that is my fault.
I have a confession to make...OK ,I bought yarn today, it's not like I went out looking for friend who sells yarn in a co-op market here in Gibson's came by and showed it to me...Like the shoes that follow the girl home in the Visa commerical...this was not my fault..If the yarn comes to you what the hell am I supposes to store is like 200 square feet, it's not like there is anywhere to hide, I do not even have a change room.

but it is sooooo cute paton poodle...I am going to make 8inch squares and connect with square cotton material to make a quilt...oooh the hairs on my neck just stood up when I typed that.

And my knitting guru...I call her Yoda..she hates that..made our first Turkish Slipper...I call it ours because I own the book..and she crocheted it..I am a crappy crocheter so I am living through her accomplishment..
Miss Mary an amazing woman who is a breast cancer suvivor, she had to have a breast removed almost 2 years ago..She is funny, cranky, and a great person...she brings joy to me everytime I see her...

Thursday, June 16, 2005

< fibrelicious

ring angst...
is there such a thing as ring that I have created this blog..I have added my blog to be accepted by a ring...I find myself rushing to the computer checking to see if I have been added to the life line of knit bloggers...I hear the sound of Janis Ian singing " seventeen" in my brain...God this is like being picked for a team in highschool...Now I am not just a raging fibre addict ( I guess it beats crack) now I'm suffering from blog anxiety...where's my ativan...I am now having knitter's panic attack......

< fibrelicious

Today was a monumental horrible day...I could not wait to get home...I am now plunging into a large bowl of carbs...mmmmm spagetti.(and I wonder why I am not a size 8). I received my two new Erika Knight books and they are great...I fuddled thru trying to crochet the Turkish Slippers last night but yeeech..I am offically crochet challenged..
My freind Mary Lou the master crochet queen of the planet (she crochets bikini's for my store) came by giggled at me...but I bribed her with Simple Crochet...I let her take it home for the night and she is going to give me a step by step lesson...I keep reading that crochet is supposed to be easy...ok not so for some middle aged menopausal women...cuz I am struggling...but I sold a scarf today and the little yellow recycled banana silk bag today...which means I can buy more yarn...yeah..a freind is going to Guatemala in Sept to work in an orphanage and has asked if I would knit some light cotton goodies for her to take to the kids..I thought some nice smaller blankets...since I know it is chilly there at night..that's it...I am knitting a pair of slippers I hope to complete this evening..

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

the pink recycled scarf I made on the weekend...My girlfriend crochets the bikini tops... Posted by Hello

my funky little store... Posted by Hello

me knitting at the one told me the camera adds 50 lbs...yeeeech Posted by Hello

another bevy of scarves and a knitted handbag finished up with suede... Posted by Hello

devil duckie needle toppers Posted by Hello

a bevy of handknit scarves.... Posted by Hello

these are my funky little zen needle toppers, I use them to hold on the end of needle when I am working on project and must pack it away..cute little half naked buddhas Posted by Hello

< Gibsons Landing Fibre Arts Fest

My store CR TWO is a proud sponsor of the Gibsons Landing Fibre Arts Fest.
After 9 years of hoping to take classes, this year I am signed up for two knitting classes...One is named FEAR OF FINISHING...that's me...
check out the website:

< fibrelicious

today I should get 2 new erica knight books from amazon..simple crochet and simple knits with a twist...I am very giddy with anticipation...I don't crochet a lot but would like to get better
and the Moroccan Slippers are super cute..
I am making a pair of maryjanes that I found a pattern for...
I must work today at the store..I am always torn there..I want it busy but I love to knit there too.
I sit outside the store on a chair and everyone checks out the project as they walk by..Some making comments or asking questions...Many of the teens that shop in the store are starting to learn to knit..They come up for lessons.
I always tell them I am not a sophisticated knitter but can teach you the basics.
since a lot of the girls that shop, are alternative..they are are interested in making wristbands and such..I gives me joy to help them out....TA TA for now

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

pink scarf and small bags made from recycled silk... Posted by Hello