Wednesday, June 22, 2005

< boudoir slippers

How cute are these...made from a pattern from Erika Knight "
Simple Knits with a my case simple being the operative word...reading patterns is not one of my strong suits..So I must highly reccomend these books because if I can follow the pattern so can your average cocker spaniel.
In the book they are made with silk ribbon, but I used Crystal Palace " Party"..The are not flawless but I realized where I made my mistake so I can correct it.
I must admit I did aquire the yarn yesterday...even though I have to much already and about 10 unfinished projects, but it spoke to me...I think in Yiddish, but oddly enough I was able to understand ( I do not speak Yiddish only a splash from Woody Allen Movies) and the yarn was saying very clearly" it's ok buy me , use your VISA was very vexing..what is a girl to do..I will finish the other tonight..
I was able to finish this today at my store so loosely translated that means I had a crappy day and will not be able to pay the Visa bill...but It is so shiny and they are so cute...who are not my feet..but an unsuspecting teenager..
I gave up pink socks in my 30"s..


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