Wednesday, June 15, 2005

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today I should get 2 new erica knight books from amazon..simple crochet and simple knits with a twist...I am very giddy with anticipation...I don't crochet a lot but would like to get better
and the Moroccan Slippers are super cute..
I am making a pair of maryjanes that I found a pattern for...
I must work today at the store..I am always torn there..I want it busy but I love to knit there too.
I sit outside the store on a chair and everyone checks out the project as they walk by..Some making comments or asking questions...Many of the teens that shop in the store are starting to learn to knit..They come up for lessons.
I always tell them I am not a sophisticated knitter but can teach you the basics.
since a lot of the girls that shop, are alternative..they are are interested in making wristbands and such..I gives me joy to help them out....TA TA for now


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