Thursday, June 16, 2005

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Today was a monumental horrible day...I could not wait to get home...I am now plunging into a large bowl of carbs...mmmmm spagetti.(and I wonder why I am not a size 8). I received my two new Erika Knight books and they are great...I fuddled thru trying to crochet the Turkish Slippers last night but yeeech..I am offically crochet challenged..
My freind Mary Lou the master crochet queen of the planet (she crochets bikini's for my store) came by giggled at me...but I bribed her with Simple Crochet...I let her take it home for the night and she is going to give me a step by step lesson...I keep reading that crochet is supposed to be easy...ok not so for some middle aged menopausal women...cuz I am struggling...but I sold a scarf today and the little yellow recycled banana silk bag today...which means I can buy more yarn...yeah..a freind is going to Guatemala in Sept to work in an orphanage and has asked if I would knit some light cotton goodies for her to take to the kids..I thought some nice smaller blankets...since I know it is chilly there at night..that's it...I am knitting a pair of slippers I hope to complete this evening..


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