Thursday, June 30, 2005

< i am a shameless addict

Yes it is true...I am addicted...I did not bring yarn to work with me today because I had ordered some recycled sari silk that I was convinced would arrive today...Off to work I troddled with 2 knitting needles in my purse[much to my husband's glee as I usually have a bulky knitting bag in tow..]
Sadly when I checked the mail...nothing..Like a good husband he asked if we should return home to get my bag, but as a dutifull wife I said "no I would be fine".
Yeah OK..till about 11:00 am then the jonesing started..slowing it built.. consuming my every I started to rip apart a hat I had made that had not sold..what was I to do I could not spend a whole day in the store with out making something.
Then the young and sweet manager of our Chamber of Commerce came in to see if we could donate some food..[my husband and sister own a restaurant]that my store is attached to. Like any self respecting junkie, I saw an opening...she had mentioned in her conversation that she was going to the Visitor Info Centre, which is situated a mere block from my friend's yarn shop..The wheels were clicking in high speed..She wanted free food..I wanted[NO NEEDED] yarn..So I most unembarassingly asked her to pick me up some since ahe was going down there anyway..
She was stressed, "what should I pick she said"
"Anything I said"
"But what if you do not like it" she asked with hesitation in her voice.
I panicked, I was losing her..she needed direction quick..
"Anything...Anything" I said "Just no fizzy stuff, I hate Fizzy stuff"
I quickly shoved a twenty in her hand and with no guilt of putting this sweet youg lady out of her way..
Little did she know she could have returned with spun dog hair, I would have been happy.
Now I understand addiction, I smoke...I know..I lectures please..
But can you really experience physical pain and actually hibbie-jibbies because of a lack of yarn..Who knew?
I never really got into smoking pot as a youngster due to amazing paranioa, could this be a form of lantent addictive behavior due to the lack of pot smoking in my formative years.
I am addicted, shameless and ready to use the need for a free munchie platter to exploit people in the middle of the day to go buy me yarn..
I am ashamed..but she picked, good a nice simple HomeSpun from Lionbrand..varigated with a touch of purple..I happily cast on and started a project..and experinced no more pain..


Anonymous Jess said...

I'm with ya, sister. I ordered some Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock day before yesterday and am freaking the hell out that its not here yet. Nevermind that I already have enough yarn to start my own store - I want my sock yarn and I want it NOW!!

8:25 AM  

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