Friday, June 17, 2005

I am part of a ring...I am giddy with joy..I am now connected with a whole bunch of other crazy people with a addiction...yarn...
I am celebrating with a glass of red wine and a bag of M&Ms...Jedi colors...I bought them so, when I stuff the entire bag in my face I can blame it on "THE FORCE".
the red wine...ok that is my fault.
I have a confession to make...OK ,I bought yarn today, it's not like I went out looking for friend who sells yarn in a co-op market here in Gibson's came by and showed it to me...Like the shoes that follow the girl home in the Visa commerical...this was not my fault..If the yarn comes to you what the hell am I supposes to store is like 200 square feet, it's not like there is anywhere to hide, I do not even have a change room.

but it is sooooo cute paton poodle...I am going to make 8inch squares and connect with square cotton material to make a quilt...oooh the hairs on my neck just stood up when I typed that.

And my knitting guru...I call her Yoda..she hates that..made our first Turkish Slipper...I call it ours because I own the book..and she crocheted it..I am a crappy crocheter so I am living through her accomplishment..
Miss Mary an amazing woman who is a breast cancer suvivor, she had to have a breast removed almost 2 years ago..She is funny, cranky, and a great person...she brings joy to me everytime I see her...


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