Monday, June 20, 2005

< people are strange...

Today I was lucky enough to be home as stated I decided to sew some bags...then like nails on a neighbor
is out there cutting down a do not get me wrong...I am no tree hugger type..but this is the most beautiful willow tree..every year she hacks it down to have a better view of the this tree is amazing and stood there for years..till the crazy lady moved in..I hate gas powered tree trimmers and weed wackers..vrooooom...vroooommm..they drive me nuts..
so I put on Chemical Bros. full blast on my deck (yes I am close to 50) but i am still a rebellious teenager at heart. I live in Canada's only rainforest...if you do not like trees why live here. It is not like she cuts the whole tree down..she leaves this strange Tim Burton-y
ghoul tree there instead...if she knit, she would not notice the tree so much and leave it alone...that is the cranky old lady in me...


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