Friday, July 29, 2005

CJ's mom and my son dated years ago when he was just a wee lad and when they broke up, CJ and I decided not almost 4 years later we are still best buddies...I made him a pair of comfy video playing shorts...

ooops he is sideways..oh well

i have not been knitting much...It is here and I am all puffy and uncoordinated, sew I have been sewing..I made this fun tote bag...

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

This Sunday, I decided to go into our local market and I sold a recycled sari silk scarf and a hand bag...I was quite happy and had a fun day in the sun..It was great to get positive feed back on some of my projects..I think I will go again next Sunday

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

a better shot of bowls...

Miss lovely fat cat...or as my friend calls her Large Marge

almost done...

they are fun to make and I am getting better at least I try and tell myself that...

Morning ugly face...

Quick get me a coffee and a smoke I will be fine...

I have a display counter in the store but no one can ever see any thing because it is always covered in yarn and projects..This is Paton Mosaic..Which looks like camo and is super soft. I stick to scarves and such while at the store because I lose track of what I am doing..when those dreaded money spending customers come in to harass me..

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Funky hand bags sewn with knitted trim or knitted with sewn trim..

A cloth bowl with fizz trim just sewn on..this is the first bowl I made and it was fun and easy, I have ordered some fun asian inspired materials to make more..this one is square obviously but can be made in various shapes and trimmed with bling or yarn...

I have sore fingers from knitting so I had to apply bandaids to this normal???

Sunday, July 10, 2005

It is be pushing 50... Posted by Picasa

PS>>>> I really never planned on becoming a knitting...middle aged woman with too many small dogs in tow...I was a crazy club girl till I was 40...then it just happened...first the weight around the middle,,then the grey hair..then the knitting...then the dogs.. Posted by Picasa

Oh My God that Shopping was exhausting...please go home and knit now... Posted by Picasa

she knits wash clothes all winter to sell in the summer.. Posted by Picasa

One Reason I am FAT...Bettie's Banana Bread...she actually hide a few under the table for me on Sunday's...I quit eating bread so what's a few butter tarts instead.. Posted by Picasa

Two of my Favourite Ladies...the knitting Diva's of the coast...every Sunday Rain or Shine...Mary and Bobbi...with their baby booties and such...Bobby taught me how to knit my first scarf...I have not stopped since. Posted by Picasa

Our Quaint Little Sunday Market filled with amazingly gifted women and a couple of men.. Posted by Picasa

I can be serious TOO...ok not... Posted by Picasa

When Mom's go grocery shopping ...I have a gaggle of giggly girls who like to visit...the eccentric Patricia in her goofy little shop... Posted by Picasa

Have needles....will knit...yes that is a pierced eyebrow...Who says you can't be middle aged [getting old] and funky Posted by Picasa

Goofing off in my store with a couple of cute Hula Girls.. Posted by Picasa

< Ahhh Sunday...

Today is susie homemaker day...
I have decided to organize my craft area and my ever growing yarn stash.
Whilst doing this I realized just how bad and desperate it has become.

1] I do not own a coffee table but a chest that doubles as a coffee table so I can stuff it full of yarn and my significant other thinks it is just a coffee table..
2] I aquire more and more "knitting bags"...Oh the $100.00 uber bag I bought with the million pockets, needle case is not enough..Every tote bag I see becomes another knitting can never have enough bags...right
3] My sudden love of baskets...round baskets, square baskets, covered baskets, little baskets, big baskets...I feel like I am in a Turkish some exotic, it is just my bedroom.
4] The perfect shelving unit..."But dear this is perfect, just put it together and it will help me be organized"...I promise it will really help...till I stumble apon the next perfect solution.
5] Zip up laundry hampers...sneaky yes...cleverly disguised as innocent laungry hampers, can be placed in any corner...stuff with balls of yarn..
I spend my money on yarn...I don't own enough clothes to fill the hamper..
6] I do not need a sock drawer...I live on the West Coast...socks we don't need no stinking socks...great place for yarn.
7] Books and Magazines...look at my shelves and you would think I've never read a novel in my life, but ask for a back issue of Voque Knitting....I'm on lightening fast...
8] The worst...not actually being able to part with your screwed up, messed up...nightmare experiements...they can be coasters..pot holders...yarn stash day I will connect every square I ever knitted in to a warm and fuzzy blanket to cover the entire world...honest I will....

Do you show any of this symptoms...

These are my friend MaryLou's amazing bikini's..she crochets with Paton Grace..
I carry them in my store...she can't make enough, they sell like hotcakes....
I could use the tops as elbow pads....

Saturday, July 09, 2005

ok I need help...I can not figure out how to put the little picture button beside the link....someone help....thanks

Friday, July 08, 2005

I made a couple of bags with needle rolls...

I finished the halter top I was one of my regular customers to model it...I like it...I wish I could knit me a body like that....

< fibrelicious

I finally got my was caught up in customs...the recycled rayon is beautiful but a bitch to unravel and messy to work with but worth it..soft like butter.
I was a good girl in Vancouver and bought no yarn...just a knitting book and a knitting journal...that is not considered adding to stash but finding ways to to get it down..
I am in Chapters paying for them and my hubbie got me a coffee, which I delicately....
knocked over at the cashier, spilling all over the magazines and the floor.
I stopped business for about 15 minutes while the staff ran around looking for some way to clean it...I was mortified..started a hefty menopausal sweaty melt down..but I was lucky none of the sticky caramel coffee got on my books..I am so selfish....yeech.
I have made a vow to not start any new projects for a week as I have about 10 -half to three quarters projects on the needles...we shall see if I can finish at least some of them

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

It has been weeks and no sign of my sari silk...damn the postal service anyway..But I get to go to the big city today..I go like 3 times a year so I may have to visit a yarn shop...OUCH (that was my Visa Card)..

Sunday, July 03, 2005

My Devilishly Handsome Khan...or as we call him Spinxter Monkey Posted by Picasa

< fibrelicious

Donations Welcome to Chi Rescue..
Knitters if you love dogs and want to help...send knitted goodies contact Lisa at email listed below....

< Annual Chi Picnic


This is Lola...who was rescued from a puppy mill with the hard work of Lisa and others from Chi Rescue in Vancouver...she is now fat and happy in our home..

Chihuahua Parade & BBQ

Date: Sunday July 17th, 2005

Time: 10:00am to 2:00 pm - weather permitting

Place: Picnic Area# 2 Burnaby Central Park

(Enter through cement gates off Kingsway and

Boundary - Stadium entrance)

Registration & entry: $5 per dog $10 max per family

Chihuahua parade dress your dog up for our contests
All small dogs welcome
Lots of raffle prizes, various informational guests, artists, food & vendors specializing in small dog items

Please bring a chair, sunshade and water dish and make it an all-daylong event

All dogs MUST be on a leash please be responsible for cleaning up after your dog.

For further information:

Phone: 604-808-6312


Saturday, July 02, 2005

it is coming along, i used quilt batting between the knitting and the back..I should be able to finish soon as I have a few more squares complete..I think it is fun..and funky looking

top of tank...I have to add a little stitch in my faux pas on right side by strap Posted by Picasa

< Does Knitting Cause Antisocial Behavior

Tonight I have been invited out for sushi..yum..yum..but the couple I am going with have kids so they must feed the little varmits first.
(i love kids really I do) so we are meeting at 7:30 pm..but I get home just after 5:00 pm and like to do my socializing early so I can knit.
Now I love to go out but not if it interferes with a project..go out right after work then come home and knit.
How the heck can I finish anything if I gulp back a few Sake's..My knitting is wanky enough at times...but Sake gives you that warm fuzzy feeling (I wish you could drink sake for breakfast...but that is considered bad form, I guess)
Anyway I am working on a tank top, I have finished the front and hopefully will complete tomorrow

Friday, July 01, 2005

Happy Canada Day to All...