Sunday, July 10, 2005

< Ahhh Sunday...

Today is susie homemaker day...
I have decided to organize my craft area and my ever growing yarn stash.
Whilst doing this I realized just how bad and desperate it has become.

1] I do not own a coffee table but a chest that doubles as a coffee table so I can stuff it full of yarn and my significant other thinks it is just a coffee table..
2] I aquire more and more "knitting bags"...Oh the $100.00 uber bag I bought with the million pockets, needle case is not enough..Every tote bag I see becomes another knitting can never have enough bags...right
3] My sudden love of baskets...round baskets, square baskets, covered baskets, little baskets, big baskets...I feel like I am in a Turkish some exotic, it is just my bedroom.
4] The perfect shelving unit..."But dear this is perfect, just put it together and it will help me be organized"...I promise it will really help...till I stumble apon the next perfect solution.
5] Zip up laundry hampers...sneaky yes...cleverly disguised as innocent laungry hampers, can be placed in any corner...stuff with balls of yarn..
I spend my money on yarn...I don't own enough clothes to fill the hamper..
6] I do not need a sock drawer...I live on the West Coast...socks we don't need no stinking socks...great place for yarn.
7] Books and Magazines...look at my shelves and you would think I've never read a novel in my life, but ask for a back issue of Voque Knitting....I'm on lightening fast...
8] The worst...not actually being able to part with your screwed up, messed up...nightmare experiements...they can be coasters..pot holders...yarn stash day I will connect every square I ever knitted in to a warm and fuzzy blanket to cover the entire world...honest I will....

Do you show any of this symptoms...


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