Saturday, July 02, 2005

< Does Knitting Cause Antisocial Behavior

Tonight I have been invited out for sushi..yum..yum..but the couple I am going with have kids so they must feed the little varmits first.
(i love kids really I do) so we are meeting at 7:30 pm..but I get home just after 5:00 pm and like to do my socializing early so I can knit.
Now I love to go out but not if it interferes with a project..go out right after work then come home and knit.
How the heck can I finish anything if I gulp back a few Sake's..My knitting is wanky enough at times...but Sake gives you that warm fuzzy feeling (I wish you could drink sake for breakfast...but that is considered bad form, I guess)
Anyway I am working on a tank top, I have finished the front and hopefully will complete tomorrow


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