Friday, July 08, 2005

< fibrelicious

I finally got my was caught up in customs...the recycled rayon is beautiful but a bitch to unravel and messy to work with but worth it..soft like butter.
I was a good girl in Vancouver and bought no yarn...just a knitting book and a knitting journal...that is not considered adding to stash but finding ways to to get it down..
I am in Chapters paying for them and my hubbie got me a coffee, which I delicately....
knocked over at the cashier, spilling all over the magazines and the floor.
I stopped business for about 15 minutes while the staff ran around looking for some way to clean it...I was mortified..started a hefty menopausal sweaty melt down..but I was lucky none of the sticky caramel coffee got on my books..I am so selfish....yeech.
I have made a vow to not start any new projects for a week as I have about 10 -half to three quarters projects on the needles...we shall see if I can finish at least some of them


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