Sunday, August 21, 2005

I just speed two wonderous day in knitting classes at the Gibsons Landing fiber Arts Fest.
Day one was modular knitting...As shown in picture below and also making a shawl with yarn over and increases. Oh My God...I have left my scarf days behind.
The instuctor Wendy Henderson, who is published and amazing, was such a good teacher.
that is her work in the picture. Now, many were fast little fingered and brained girls, but I plugged along and even at my less than speedy knitting, I learnt so much. I now look at a pattern and it is not a foreign language. I really makes you feel like you can move to the next level, what ever level you are at.
The second class was Fear of Finishing, we learn to do an I cord and a attached I cord for trim,a three needle bind of..And so much more. In my case it was more Fear of Moving On to New Things.
I was wiped out and my head is swimming with new info and reasons to buy new yarn. (of course)
Every one is a a different level so it is great because people were so helpful.
It was definitely a top ten in my life, I was suffering from scarf doldrums and questioning whether I should knit or not. I wish I had taken classes ages ago.
Of course the class was filled with charming and funny woman of all ages, we swapped emails and I am sure will be swapping knitting stories for a while down the road.

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Saturday, August 13, 2005

I have been so busy, that I have not posted in a while, next week I take my knitting classes at
Gibsons Landing Fibre Arts Fest. I am excited and look forward to learning new skills.